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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Freezing Corn-Easy!

This time of year, my inner Caroline Ingalls kicks into high gear! Today my daughter and I went to pick peaches for canning and at the same stand they had corn.  The peaches need to rest another day or two before I am able to can them, so I bought a bushel of corn to fill in my time!  (LOL!!)   Last year I froze about two dozen ears but it was super labor intensive and made a huge mess.  I knew there had to be a better way.  I now present to you my better way!

Step 1:  Shuck the Corn!  I bought a bushel which yielded 66 large ears of corn!  I enlisted my faithful crew of helpers to help me!  I suggest doing this step outside, it gets super messy!  

Step 2:  Get two large pots and get the water boiling.  (You can certainly use one pot, but because I had so much corn, I decided to double up on my efforts.)

Step 3:  Add the corn, cover and boil for approx 7-8 minutes.  I boiled the corn in batches...12 ears per batch.  
Step 4:  Remove the boiled ears to an ice bath to stop  the cooking.  I loaded up my kitchen sink with  cold water and ice.

Step 5:  Let the ears cool!  It hurts to handle hot corn...I learned that the hard way!

Step 6:  Remove the corn from the cobs.  I  bought a handy corn stripper by Oxo at Bed Bath and Beyond last year with a coupon, it made the job go very quickly!  You could use a knife, but this worked very well!
 You can also use a knife and a bundt pan....the cut kernels drop right into the pan!

I combined the two methods....I used my corn stripper and the bundt pan. This made the job go quickly!  It does a great job of getting the kernels off of the cob.

Step 7:  I put 4 cups into freezer quart bags, squeezed out the extra air and popped them in the freezer.  I ended up with 15 quart bags of corn.  I figure that I'll use about half a bag per family serving or to add in recipes.   

The work I put in today will be greatly enjoyed during the winter!

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