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Patriotic Votive Holders
I had some old jelly jars in my basement that had no lids.  I didn't want to throw them away because I knew I'd eventually use them for something.  July 3rd I was inspired!  I went to the dollar bin at Target and they had 3 packs of American Flags for half off!

I removed the flag from the sticks, and then decoupaged them onto the jars.  I had some sparkly garland in my basement so I added that to the top of the jars for some extra sparkle. They were cute when I had them finished...
They were still a little tacky from the decoupage, but it dried clear.
(Started this project at 10:30 p.m.!)

I had them on the deck and at our bonfire, I lit the votives that I put inside....

The turned out so cute!!

I'm thinking I may make some for other holidays!  Quick and really inexpensive!  

Using my Cricut beyond the scrapbook pages.

Project #1:  I "decorated" my cricut.  Why bother?  Well, at least twice a year I go to a major crop with other scrapbookers where cricut machines abound.  They are all lined up along the walls where the outlets are.  Now I will be able to pick out my machine right away, and no one will mistake theirs for mine!  (Total time:  10 minutes)
 Project #2!  
I saw this on Pinterest and couldn't wait to try it out myself!  I found a frame at home and removed the backing.  I then used my cricut design studio program to lay out the lettering for our last name and welded the letters together.  After the name was cut out, I used transfer paper to transfer the images directly to the glass of the frame.  I had to bend the clips on the back of the frame so they wouldn't show through the glass, but still keep the glass secure.  I LOVE how it turned out!!!  My husband thought it was pretty cool too!  Score!! (Total Time:  25 min)

 Project #3!  This was fun and so easy, a quick and easy way to jazz up the laptop!  Using vinyl on your cricut machine is easy (cut using low pressure) and they apply to the back of the laptop!  The best part, is that when I want to change it, I can peel it off and there is no residue left behind!  (Total time:  10 min)

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